Minimal Composition Challenge

The Minimal Composition Challenge hosted by GuruShots just ended!

I placed 400 out of 600+ in the Premier Category which is the 3rd highest category.

Each photographer is allowed to submit up to 4 pictures HOWEVER you may “swap” out pictures throughout the challenge to see if other pictures to better or to gain exposure on other pictures. All of the votes on pictures you swap out still count in your ranking. You get bonus points if your swapped picture does better than the original one though, so it’s an additional challenge in a challenge!

The Pictures I submitted for the Minimal Composition Challenge were:

This challenge kicked my butt! I don’t do minimal. I just don’t. I love depth, I love texture, I love things that are diverse and deep. This was a hard one for me.

I am learning that not everyone understands what the rules of the competition are, and it’s high frustrating to see people doing better than me whose photographs don’t meet the topic requirements. I will be the first to admit, they are great pictures, but they don’t fit what the challenge is- so to see those people placing higher than those who are working to meet the challenge requirement makes GuruShots seem a little crappy.

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