Doors, Walls and Windows Challenge

The Doors, Walls and Windows Challenge hosted by GuruShots just ended!

I placed 307 out of ~800 in the Elite Category which is the 2nd highest category.

Each photographer is allowed to submit up to 4 pictures HOWEVER you may “swap” out pictures throughout the challenge to see if other pictures to better or to gain exposure on other pictures. All of the votes on pictures you swap out still count in your ranking. You get bonus points if your swapped picture does better than the original one though, so it’s an additional challenge in a challenge!

The Pictures I submitted for the Doors, Walls and Windows Challenge were:


All of the pictures used were from my most recent journey to The Ohio State Reformatory MRPS. I loved this challenge! I love windows and doors so much, and tend to shoot a lot of them in my outings. There were a lot of great submissions in this challenge!

My goal from now on is to GO OUT and shoot pictures for these challenges instead of just using pictures I have. I feel like it will get me to some interesting places as well as challenge my abilities because it takes me out of what I’m used to shooting.

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