Deserted Places Challenge

This challenge has lured me into GuruShots. The sneaky ad monster finally sucked me in! After seeing ads on my IG long enough I finally gave in and clicked to learn more. I saw the Deserted Places challenge and figured what better way to dive in than what I DO!

Each photographer is allowed to submit up to 4 pictures HOWEVER you may “swap” out pictures throughout the challenge to see if other pictures to better etc..

My Submitted Pictures for the Deserted Places Challenge were:


Everything but the ball was captured at Mansfield Reformatory (The Ohio State Reformatory). The Ball was captured at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. Both of these I love for the history and the paranormal aspect. However Mansfield is one of my favorite places ever and a large portion of my tattoos are inspired by the decaying iron work found here.

I placed 222 our of 800+ in the Elite Category which is the second highest category! For my first entry I can’t complain!

GuruShots has become an addiction and I intend to do this after every competition to review the challenge. Looking at the “open” challenges there is some stuff that will definitely put me out of my comfort zone- which I think will help me grow as a Photographer for sure!


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